Tooling and equipment manufacturing

• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Energy
• Mining

Design and construction of devices, jigs and special equipment

3 and 5 axis precision machining for devices up to 16 tons

Three-dimensional measurement in temperature controlled room

são JOSÉ DOS CAMPOS - brazil

About us

We are a 3 and 5 axis precision machining company for the development and manufacture of tooling, devices and special equipment of up to 16 tons. Committed to quality and satisfaction, we have a modern building structure, three-dimensional measuring system with high technology in an air-conditioned room and laser tracker, our own engineering team.

The company is always aware of the need to guarantee and assure the quality of its products, and do is the company is certified by international standards.


Our Products

Some works carried out by AISYS for the sectors: aerospace, automotive, energy and mining.

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